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Bacon Recycling

For over 29 years, Bacon Recycling has been providing services for towns in and around Hopkinton, Iowa where it's currently located.  It is owned by the Bacon Family, brothers Curtis E and Charles F and operated by Curtis Bacon and his wife Valerie Bacon.  This business has evolved from its original business a garbage and recycling curbside pickup service into a custom grinding and baling service.

Today Bacon Recycling is operated by Curt Bacon and his wife Valerie and continues to offer custom plastic grinding and baling services along with a variety of other custom services and resources.  This is a small detail oriented company that will treat you like family every step of the way.  There are 5 workers or less operating the day to day business alongside the owners.  The business is continually growing and now includes JC ENT LLC. 

JC ENT is owned by Jeremy Bacon and his wife Rachel and primarily ran by Jeremy Bacon.  JC ENT has brought the ability to rent large construction equipment, an industrial spray foam insulation machine and used forklift tire disposal.

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